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I wouldn't be so worried about editors as I'm skilled in OpenGL and Win32 & COM programming, like I said earlier, those are my API and language of choice. In fact a friend and I are writing an operating system as a hobby, kinda hair pulling but fun none-the-less. Anyway back on track, Game Maker can be thought of as a proof of concept phase/platform, its working well for me now so I wont be abandoning it overnight.

Finished the overworld scripted event system, and toyed around with making some cool little follow me walkthroughs and what not, also begin moving the battle system in so I can get to scripting the lab and whatnot, also spent about an hour or so discussing with a friend of mine some possible ways to rebalance the pokemon out so there's no, or very few game breaking pokemon and so people can play with their favorites. One way was to change how stats are raised by having trainers specifically train a pokemon's stat effectiveness eg; attack by using physical moves to increase it.
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