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Quote originally posted by Razor Leaf:
Clearly, I don't know a great amount about this topic, but I do know it makes an interesting discussion. So off to Wikipedia I go!

Anyway, I think it's just a classification you know? I mean it's not like anyone but the victim of a crime would think that one class should/must carry more weight than another! Personally I don't see a difference between hate/other crimes other than the motive, same as how the victim of any crime is equal to the victim of another (under similar circumstances of course).

But I do feel that classification is necessary! I mean under different circumstances, it's important for the motive behind the crime to be clearly separated from other motives, what with all the prosecution and defense that takes place in the trial before conviction. If the jury doesn't have a system based on which they can determine a verdict for each individual crime, well what would even be the point behind having a mindful jury?

My 2cents anyway~

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