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While even old tanks can kill, they can generally only kill other old tanks. Speaking of old, the majority of their tanks are old T-55's.

Against a M1 Abram, a T-55's main cannon wouldn't do jack ****. The rounds would, quite literally, bounce off of a Abrams armor. Meanwhile, a Abram's main gun could punch a hole right through. If they line up targets right, might end up taking out two in a shot.

Their Pokpung-ho and Ch'onma-ho tanks would pose more of a threat - That is, if the information we have is correct and not exaggerated. Which, with N. Korea's history of loud talk, is most likely the case.

With the majority of N. Korea's tanks being Soviet era, and their poor economy, their army is pretty much held together by duct tape.

N. Korea's airforce is much of the same - Old tech. Mig-21's make up the bulk of it. Even the now outdated F16's could scrap these with minimal effort.

The only real threat are their small number of Mig-29's. Nothing a F15 can't handle though.

I'm not even going to explain how ****ed N. Korea's airforce would be against F22s. Lets just say what the Fighting Falcons and Strike Eagles can do in minutes, the Raptor can do in seconds, even with how many issues it has.

As for the rest of N. Korea's airforce, it's literally target practice. That is, if they can even fly - If they could, due to the poor economy and most likely not being able to afford proper maintenance and repairs, I wouldn't be that surprised if they fell apart during a turn, or the engine decides to go kaboom while accelerating.

The only real threat is their Artillery units - And thats only because of proximity.

You have a point though on their infantry weapons though. In this case they would still be able to kill.
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