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Quote originally posted by mikethepokemaster:
i really don't get all the hostility on drg i like the hack she work hard on to be complete and hope the comments good and bad doesn't make her quit the thing she love to do.
Well, every player of a hack has right to present a criticism and since people on internet are like gira said... people on the internet, with anonymity and all, it's very easy for them to present criticism this way =)
I, as probably one of a few, actually read all those 10 pages on the presented thread and while I did not like the way it was presented (some parts were really funny, though), almost everything DNKHTP presented was truly a bug/glitch/mistake.
For the first time, someone revealed that legendaries had OP BS boosts which I did not even realized o.O
I repeat, the way it was presented wasn't nice but the criticism was on spot.
It depends on DNKHTP's reason to do it.
If he does those reviews just to discredit the hacks, make fun of them and present a way of amusement to that forum's users, it's wrong.
If he does them to show the bugs, he should go for a different approach.

Quote originally posted by pokemonmaster42:
there's a egg along with a unusable spot in pc box 3 in the pokecenter and 3 unusable spots in box 2

is that a bug or is it normal?
It's a bad egg. It's pretty normal for Fire Red hacks.
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