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Generally unless you are at a huge disadvantage that prevent you from surviving multiple hits, you can always set up with X-Items, you can purchase them in the Goldenrod City department store. These items will give a steep bonus to stats for the duration of the battle (or until you switch out).

You should be able to muscle your way through Lance without changing or traning your team too much.
Your best bets are either Empoleon or Dialga. Lance starts with a Gyarados that will be completely walled by Empleon and won't be able to do too much to Dialga either.

If you want to use Dialga - teach it Dragon Pulse use an X-Speed, X-Special on Dialga after that you should be able to OHKO or almost OHKO any of his Pokémon with Dragon Pulse. Gyarados may survive on Dragon Pulse so you could use Roar of Time, but it has a 10% chance of missing.
Use Hyper Potions as needed to heal up.

For Empoleon teach it Surf just use some X-Specials, maybe an X-Speed, heal up whenever needed and take out any Dragonite with Blizzard. For Charizard/Aerodactyl use Surf. For Gyarados you may need a few more, but if you use Blizzard you may run out of PP.

This is a relatively conservative strategy, you can also start off the battle with an X-Defend for some extra safety. You should also be able to beat him out without X-Items but you may need to use more Potions to do so. Don't forget to use Ethers, Elixiers, and Max Ethers as needed before Lance.

Some more advice for your team:
- Get the charcoal from a house in Azelea town
- Consider the following moves: Earthquake (or Dig), Focusblast (TM53 - Goldenrod department store) to increase coverage. Most likely candidates for replacement here are Fire Blast & Return.

- Replace Bubble Beam with Surf
- Cut can be removed in a house in Blackthorn City
- You can teach it Ice Beam, but it is a very valuable/expensive TM
- Grass Knot is an option but you only get 1 TM
- Flash Cannon is an option but Steel Type does not get many Super Effective hits.