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Quote originally posted by DebbieChicharito:
As the title says I tried the EV training thin people talk about
Trying to raise my Cubones speed stat while giving him the item power anklet and decided to battle Basculin since people said they give 2 speed I battled like 6 or 7 of the Basculin and my Cubones speed stat only incresed by one
And did the exact same again without the power anklet on and it only incresed by one that time

Why didn't it increse by more than 1 like most guides said it would
You are correct. You gain 2 EVs from battling a Basculin. And the Power Anklet enhances it. Source.

The problem I see is what you're looking at. The Speed stat. does not increase by 6 every time; your Speed IVs do. The EVs are something you cannot see without an Action Replay. Based on what you are telling me, I observe that if you plugged your game into an Action Replay with the code to see IVs/EVs activated, and then follow the directions to see them, you would see a minimum of 12 or 14 for the battling plus 24 or 28 for the Power Anklet boost. If the Pokémon has Pokérus, double this. Without Pokérus, the smallest number you would see next to Speed for EVs is 36 or 42. You do not know this normally, however, and have to keep track internally.

You also have to keep in mind that, at some point, EVs are no longer gained. When they max out, that's it, unless you feed it EV reducing berries.

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