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Hi there. I first came here when I looked from some fan games, and I found a few really good ones here. I looked around this forum a little more, and this place is huge! Decided I'd try making an account since I love Pokemon and stuff, be honest I've never really participated a lot in a forum community before, and I'm shy even on forums and online games = ="

I hope I'll become an active member of this site I guess? Haha

Anyways, on to the Poke stuff. I mentioned before that fangames interest me. I like the ones with darker plots 'cause it seems a bit more 'realistic' than the happy world of the official games. Pokemon Reborn's my favorite fanmade one so far. It's really interesting and the characters are just so awesome. Anyone have any other recommendations?

As for the official games, Fire Red was the first one I played. Then I got Soul Silver when it was released, then White, and finally Black 2. I'm really excited for X and Y! Johto was probably my favorite region, and Unova was fun too.

So, it's really nice to meet all of you. I'll try my best to post and come out of my shell
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