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Charizard of course. From your listed reasons, this is mainly due to its badassness factor and involvement in the anime.

For all intents and purposes, Charizard isn't supposed to be as unique or as strong as he is made out to be, but I think that's why so many Generation 1 fans like him so much. In the Pokemon world, he represents overcoming adversity to accomplish extraordinary things. He often goes into battle against Pokemon who are significantly stronger than him or against Pokemon who have great advantages over him, yet, he still manages to go hold his own and, in most cases, prevail. In the anime, we've seen this as he's gone up against the likes of multiple Legendaries, Pseudo- Legendaries, and powerhouses such as Gary's Blastoise.

To me at least, Charizard is more than just a character from a cartoon or a video game. He's an inspiration to the idea that we can exceed our own capabilities to accomplish great, seemingly impossible things.

(Come to think of it, in many of respects, Charizard is like the Batman of the Pokemon World.)