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Awww adorable username, yours fits so well with Wind Heart! :D I love them! Welcome to PC, Paper Heart~!

Don't worry about being shy. A huge chunk of us started out that way too, I'm sure, myself included. I was so scared to post that I re-read my posts and edited them like 5 times to make sure they didn't sound stupid when I first joined. It gets heaps better! Plus I'm getting a very positive vibe from you - you seem like a great and fun person. Hopefully PC will be your first real active forum and such so stick around, kick back, and make some posts! ...that probably sounds cheesy but it's true haha. We're lax and quite friendly. ^^

I can relate to your preference of darker plots, though to me it seems like B/W and B/W2 were quite dark. Maybe it's just me, though? Found them a lot less "happy times" than the other main series games. Plus there's that scene at the end where the main character almost got mauled by the icicles, oh man. @~@; Glad you're a Unova fan since the fifth generation is quite awesome! The Metal/Color plus Fifth Generation boards will be good places for you if you're a fan of gens 2 and 5.

Hopefully you've done some browsing already! Cool to see you're meeting some of our forum regulars already, too.

Enjoy your stay, read the rules, and feel free to contact me or another staff member if you need any help at all!
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