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This game is still very much alive. It shall not die!

A bit too much I suppose but I do have a small update.
As it turns out in the Bugs/faults section, the crashing is not caused by 'houses' as such. I am certain that it is just my RGSS player. It just stops working now and then which causes me a great deal of trouble for testing.

Current doings:
Working on Metagross's side quest thing. This is where my RGSS player is annoying me. It stops working when changing to the second room. Soon to be working on the rest. (These are to do with the choices at the end of the demo.)
Adding to the post story line, which is kind of the main. Confusing to anyone??
Have just finished tweaking Ponario. Will have to download the next demo to see what I have done. Not too sure when that will happen, but not for a while as not much story content has been added to the current version.

After posting the previous post, the battle system kind of bugged out after I added a third Pokemon to the 'list'. But that is all fixed however, it does need some 'cleaning up' as it is a little messy to look through. Still using common events for it.

Anyone who has actually downloaded and played the posted demo, PLEASE give me some advice and/or criticism, likes/dislikes.
I would love some feedback!

EDIT: Added some more screenshots to the main post
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