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Oh hey another user with Heart in their name. Now I know three of them, lol. I like your name though.

Anyway, welcome to the forums Paper Heart! I've tried playing some fan games, but they really wouldn't work on my computer. Like I wanted to try Flora Sky, but I couldn't find the proper rom for it to work. Oh well, eventually I'll get around to playing it.It looks like it's be a really good game.

I honestly though B/W had the darkest and most mature plot of all the games so far. It also brings up important issues like what if putting Pokemon in Pokeballs and using them to fight really is wrong? Would it be wrong in real life? Stuff like that. That's why Black and White are amazing games imo and some of my favorites. Gen V is easily my second favorite region after Gen III. I haven't finished Black 2/White 2 yet though cause I've been busy with other things and I like taking my time with games. I love Gen 2 as well, Gold version has so many good memories for me.

I really do hope you become a regular like I've become in over the year I've been here. Hope to see you around and hope you can make good friends here. Feel free to chat with my via VM or PM (visitors message or private message.) Enjoy your stay!
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