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Hmmm I have replayed by Diamond and Pearl versions twice each, and Platinum three times (I own two versions of Platinum :P).

Diamond is my primary game for Generation IV which carries all my event Pokemon and other Pokemon which i consider valuable. It is also home to my Pokemon Battle Revolution team passes. :D I use Pearl for breeding predominantly, as all my boxes are pretty much filled with eggs. Now I Have two versions of Platinum because I use one copy for the Battle Frontier, and also again for Pokemon Battle Revolution, whilst the second copy is for me to use for challenges and replays at my discretion. :3

Personally I was wrapped in the Generation IV plot! I was heavily engaged within the storyline and found it difficult to put down, unlike any other version thus far. I enjoyed the depth and level of detail in Generation IV. Though this may just be because I had a long break from Pokemon after Generation III. XD

I'm thinking about restarting Platinum again with a NFE team just for fun, and because it's been a while since I've previously played through DPP. :')

Just keep swimming~!
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