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From what I can gather, you seem to want to start a "Create all 693 Pokémon in Minecraft" project. And you need help. I'm not really all that well versed with Minecraft so I don't really know if it is possible or not. Though I've seen some crazy things being done on Minecraft so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But yeah, you claim to have created some of them yourself. Why not showcase some of your creations first? You give the project a push and I'm sure others will join if interested. I can personally advertise via blog and stuff and some people from the video games section may just like the project enough to help out.

I'd really like to see a project of this sort going on in A&D. But for that to happen you'll probably have to put some more effort in the promotion of this thread. Of course, me and a few other people will probably help you out on this task but, before that, there are a few things that could be done imo. This thread, as it is right now, is just an idea. You can edit out the first post and include some of your creations. Maybe some elaboration with regards to the project and how the whole thing's gonna work? Or make some rules of your own? Whatever, it is up to you. Just hoping you'd polish up the thread a bit. :3

Also, I think it might just be better to change the title of this thread to something that is a little more descriptive of its actual nature. Mission Impossible - Minecraft, while nice, definitely doesn't sound like a Minecraft Pokedex Project. XD; Would you like to get the title changed? If yes, what would you like for it to go by?
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