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Update on Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Fire).

Time to start my penultimate Unova monotype, with Fire-types!

Update #1 on Black 2.

Name: Ash
Rival: Hugh
Starter: Tepig
  • First thing I did was to activate Challenge Mode, then started the game.
  • Picked Tepig as my starter and named him Blazin'.
  • Went through the beginning of the game and eventually went up against Cheren.
  • Blazin' needed a Fresh Water but was able to win pretty easily.
  • Moved on to Virbank City and the Complex, where I caught Magma the Magby and Legend the Growlithe.
  • Trained them up a bit, and Blazin' evolved into Pignite!
  • Took on Roxie, who was pretty hard, but Blazin' was able to finish it against Whirlipede.
  • Visited the PokeStar Studios, defeated the Team Plasma grunts, then sailed to Castelia City.
  • Entered the Castelia Sewers and saved.

Team Ash:

Legend the Naughty Growlithe, ♂ - L17 @ Amulet Coin
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: Flame Wheel, Leer, Return, Helping Hand

Magma the Bold Magby, ♂ - L18 @ Charcoal
Ability: Flame Body
Moves: Faint Attack, Fire Spin, Ember, SmokeScreen

Blazin' the Bold Pignite, ♀ - L18
Ability: Blaze
Moves: Flame Charge, Rock Smash, Ember, Work Up

HM Slaves:

Patrat - Cut

Active Challenges:

FireRed - HeartGold - Emerald - Platinum - Black 2

Completed Ultimate Challenges (through Gen V):
Ultimate Monotype:

Ultimate Monocolor:

Fireheart: L88, L88, L71, L76, L100; Palin: L98, L92, L86, L100, L100
Excalibur: L75, L88, L87, L84, L100; Nagini: L100, L96, L100, L100, L100