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Originally Posted by BlahISuck View Post
I don't see how that makes their life easier. I don't know why American complains that illegals are "taking their jobs". The nationalists who bash those more educated and less educated because they're willing to work harder than them. If you really wanted to work, then get down and dirty and get paid for less because there are people willing to do it. Nobody's stealing your job if they're actually doing it. I don't know what the privileged - master race, if you will - are trying to accomplish by complaining. You're not entitled to a job if you're too picky about the pay. Almost a million immigrants will come illegally to your country every year to work a job you claim to be too **** for you. If you're too good as a White American to do the same jobs illegals do then keep complaining and keep suffering, because at least somebody is putting food on the table for their family tonight.
That's the thing. Americans that work minimum wage can't afford to support they're family unlike the illegals. The illegals live in a big group and each bring home $5 an hour or so and that makes it at least 4x as much as a US citizen once you do the math and include American's paying taxes. Also in America it's technically illegal to have a paying job and not pay taxes if you're over 16 years old.

Also let's get realistic here. This is America and for some reason race is still a major issue. Talk about equal opportunity employment... Yeah right, explain why every worker at the Sub Ways, Dunkin Donuts, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, etc are Hispanic? If you don't see an issue in illegal immigration then you need to move you're ass to America and then you will see my position in trying to get a job (i got a job). I can't afford to even support myself on anything lower than minimum wage. A 1 bed apt is $700 bucks up here and that's in the bad neighborhoods. So don't even start with me saying they are willing to work because American's are willing to work too. We just don't live here illegally with 15 people all paying for something so it's a lot harder for us. Which is why the welfare system is so high now. American's have just given up because of the immigration, we don't even bother trying.. Get free money from the system, hell why not I wouldn't mind getting $600 a month for free with free health care and food stamps.

Remember, these people are here working with little qualifications and making much less than someone more privileged does. I see this as a fault of the capitalists who employ them. Because illegals are paid less, more of them are eligible for food stamps. Everybody in the country contributes to the funding of your welfare state, but the rich "job creators" are reaping the profit. Don't blame the illegals - they've suffered much already and are willing to continue working. Instead blame those who can only gain by providing lower wages and less benefits. If you're upset about illegals and at the government, that's exactly what the privileged class would want from you so they can continue using cheap labour at your expense.
But it's also illegal to pay under minimum wage and if they get caught they get a huge fine but yet they still risk it.

You don't seem to know the issues that come with illegal immigration because you don't live near it. Move to Chicago buddy.
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