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Originally Posted by BroskiRage View Post
I played most of it on my cell and then finished it on my PC i should do reviews on this hack i hope you dont mind.
sounds great, feel free to post the link to your review here "

-- *UPDATE* --

after watching many online let's plays, nuzlocke challenges, and ever some reviews of this hack...i have been inspired to pick this back up and start working on an update.

the first thing i would like to play with is editing the music in this game !!

* if anyone is able to help out with this...please reply here and/or send me a message *

next, i would love to modify some of the overworld sprites in this game.

* maybe add some extra ones as well *

also, learn how to edit the pokemon trainer's teams.

* like levels, pokemon, etc. *

lastly, and maybe not to be released with this next update, i would like to try editting some of the in-game text.

anyhow...i have been very busy with work, these past few months, so i have not had a chance to play around with things for a while.

so, if you are able to help me out a bit...please feel free to contact me "

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