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Silver Galleleo
The Tree of nightmares/ the trainer in the woods

Blast it! Silver thought as he saw the trainer approach him. the Trainer stared at him for a moment, Silver could only imagine what was going through his head.

instead the trainer said something else,"Umm... You know that fruits dangerous right?" he shouted up at Silver, "I'm not sure if it's a myth or something, but apparently the fruit from the tree can give you nightmares..."

Silver thought about this statement for a moment and decided against eating the fruit, and simply tossed it to the side.

then the trainer asked a rather peculiar question, "Are you in the league?"

Silver thought on this question... for one thing he didn’t know where in the world he was... second he didn’t know what this “league” was.

“The league? I wish I was entering a league. I spent this most of this day stuck in a cage, and falling from the sky. so far I have no Idea where I am at the moment...” he paused letting himself calm, he struggled a little more trying to get free but couldn’t, “and I’m stuck in this tree, could you please help me out?”

after a moment he said, "my name's Silver... Silver Galleleo."
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