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Kilik Chambers - Practical Battling -> Standard Practice Field

Did the teacher bother to grade their reports? A few others presented their assignment, though it seemed Mr. Alta was explaining the next topic. That didn't make sense, but anything to further Kilik's training is good for him.

Their next assignment was not in class. Everyone was piling out of the classroom, as was Kilik. He hopes at this time that the class was worth the training. If only he had time to look up his other Pokemon, like Yaiba. It was follow the leader, Mr. Alta was leading the class outside the academy & into another building. Kilik looks around the place, indicating that this was a battlefield. Mr. Alta explains what everyone has to do, & directs them to stand on any edge of the battlefield. Kilik could already see where this was going. For this task, everyone must battle in a Free-For-All match, & the last Pokemon standing is the victor. Mr. Alta wants to see who can analyze the battle & the trainer's Pokemon as well. So, it's every Pokemon for itself, huh? A smirk creeped in the corner of Kilik's lips, eager to get started.

"Tentou," Kilik gets his Shinx's attention, "I'm counting on you. Don't get cocky." Tentou took this indication that he was gonna battle. He doesn't have much experience in battle, but now was the time to test his skills. Tentou took his position on the battlefield & growled. "Start with Charge first!" Tentou began projecting electricity around its fur, readying its next attack & raising its Special Defense. Now, who's first?


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