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Originally Posted by kaedearagaki View Post
Nicely done! I love the tiles and It's better if you'll change the sprite. anyways, good luck! :D
thanks and I will change the hero's overworld just haven't gotten around to do so.

Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer View Post

Good job Fritz Looking forward to this and I finally know who Chloe issss. Also I can help you with some little things. Just check what I have to say in the server
OMG I LOVE THEM TOO. Chloe has always been Chloe. :3 Yeah sure I'll see what you can do. Thanks Red

Originally Posted by K2 XTREME View Post
Why the restriction on the gender that you play? That is really the only feature that I heavily dislike. Now after checking out the original thread for this hack, I see that you improved with the mapping and the tiles are very good. Though it would have been cool to also seen a few screenshots with scripting being done.
Hmm, don't know. But thanks. Also I haven't started scripting yet so I have nothing to show.

Originally Posted by Shadowraze View Post
Awesome Blue Flames is back!

The tiles are wonderful I like them, though I do hope the scripting will be as good as the graphics. :3
Lol thanks and I'll try. :3

Originally Posted by Tackle View Post
Yahoo, Blue Flames is back! I love the tiles, they're so beautiful. :D I'll rip some one day. :p
Good luck with this hack, I do hope you complete this.
.com and I love them too :D Also No Gero No :3

Originally Posted by Narnia View Post
I don't know much about hacks but this looks great from what I'm seeing. Although I would of also liked to see a preview of what an NPC/Trainer or just some sort of text in the screenshots. Oh well, but nevertheless good job dude! :D
Lol sophie text meaning scripting? :3 and thanks!

Originally Posted by Pinkish Purple View Post
Ermahgerrd! It's back! Congrats, Fritz! you've come a looong way, and I hope you can complete it this time. The tiles are fabulous as usual, but the bushes blend in a little too much with the trees. It's also quite funny how the window in the 1st screenie takes up the space of the roof o.O and the "Press Start" on the titlescreen is positioned quite awkwardly imo. Other than those minor errors, I wanna say congrats again! I wish you all the luck in the world
I know :') I'm so proud of myself. And thanks Pinky I really worked hard on them. I don't see anything wrong with the tilescreen so I'm keeping it as is. Also what window are you talking about?

Originally Posted by DaydreamsAway View Post
Not bad Fritz. Personally I think its a good hack, the screens look nice though I think the tree animation is weird but its your hack anyway so Kudos and Good Luck Kid.. :3
Thanks Slate lol. I thought it looked weird ar first but then I got used to them and realized they actually look good.

Originally Posted by Classic Sonic View Post
I like it, seems like a HD version of FireRed, only with a whole bunch of new things
I can see a lot of time has gone into making this, and I wish you luck upon anything else you have yet to finish.
Gj fritz :D
Thanks Shadow :D

Originally Posted by godlesplay View Post
finally beautiful tiles in english hack ! :D
I actually wanna release a spanish version first.

Originally Posted by Diversion View Post
Good job Fritz! :D
Well this is your first and final hack, I hope you can finish it this time.
That hack looks damn good...
Thanks Lati :D And I'm really trying hard to actually finish this.

Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
Blue Flames back? Not bad =)
Looking forward to seeing whether this will continue =D
Thanks lol. Even I can't wait to see it continue. :3
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