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Name (First and Last): Jack 'Flame' Robinson
Age (Ages 12-18): 15
Gender: M
Personality (2-3 paragraphs minimum): Jack is a very fiery person, he has a bad temper and a short fuse. He can be very serious about things and not patient at all. Telling him what to do can sometimes make him attack you. He is very calm seeing battles holding back his anger if his father actually wins.

He gets annoyed if people boast and lashes out a lot but on the inside he is happy and caring. He would wish he could be but he got bullied when he was 9. When he is happy he is in a very cheery mood and will get very kind. His worst enemy is embarrassment so he tries to keep his father a secret. Overall though you can't really describe his personality as mean it is just he is different.

Appearance (Either 2-3 paragraph minimum, or a picture with some supplemental text): Jack is normal size for his age and is about the 14th tallest in his class (out of 30). He has short red spiked up hair which is easy to see which is quite spiky at the back too. He has big brown eyes and a normal sized mouth. He has a head shaped like Chili (the gym leader) and normal ears.

His body is in fine shape and for that reason he usually wears a flame red T-Shirt which stands out on him or a hoodie with a picture of Flint and his Infernape. His wears black jeans which he doesn't really care about and red and dark blue trainers. He carries a bag around that goes on his back that is green and yellow with three legendaries on it Kyogre, Rayquaza and Groudon they are his favourite legendaries but he also likes Cobalion.

History (3 paragraphs minimum): His father is Chili the leader of the straiton gym and also waitor of it. He is very annoyed of his dad since he can't win battles well, he can but rarely. His mother left him when he was young so Chili, Cress and Cilan had to look after him. He admires Cilan for his skill and cleverness and Cress for his cool and patient attitude but he finds it annoying that he can't really say anything for his father. When he was young he found out about Sinnoh elite 4 member Flint and saw his awesome Infernape which he met when Flint went to Unova and wanted one.

He was told by his teachers that when he chooses his starter he must use chimchar so if gets to he definitely will. Once he was kidnapped by a person he didn't know and some others also got kidnaped and he was saved by Flint and Cynthia. Later on that day Flint and Chili became friends and they visit each other sometimes. When team plasma attacked Chili couldn't come to help so they all stayed there Jack annoyed shouted at them when three of the shadow traid challenged them to a battle and they lost.

Jack as annoyed as ever thought of leaving home but then the whole of Unova was told to go to the new region to be safe but somehow Jack knew someone was in trouble. He watched TV to find out that the world champion White is dead killed by Team Plasma. Shocked Jack thought of getting a starter in this new region and he could help out after Unova.

Starter Selection (Starters are below, with your choice of one egg move (Keep it realistic): Chimchar nicknamed BlazeBlast with Thunder Punch

Legendary Selection (You are allowed one legendary reservation. Details are below): Rayquaza

RP Sample (Just so I can see how you RP. If you don't have one make up a little prologue explaining why you're leaving for the journey (Other than the threat of Team Plasma):
"Hey dad I might go on a journey to stop Team Plasma!" Jack said.
"Jack are you sure well ok but take this Xtranciever ok?" Chili said glumly
"Awww thanks dad great i'll go see Professor Pine!" Jack said as he went outside.
Jack then scurried off to Proffesor Pine's lab.
Pokemon Crisis- Matt Razor-Manectric
Pokemon Plasma-Jack Robinson-Chimchar
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