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Greyson Cole - Rootdry Town

"Cinder! Use scratch!" Greyson ordered his new companion.
The tiny Cyndaquil looked up at the stranger barking orders at it, cocking its head and letting out yawn. "Cinder.. I know you do not know who I am yet, and this may seem strange to you, but I am your new partner and we could both be injured if you do not attack that Pokemon!"

Cinder did not even look up at him this time. It instead laid down, quickly falling asleep.


The Houndoom took no time to take advantage of the situation the two were in. It disappeared, quickly reappearing as it smashed itself into the slumbering Cyndaquil at Greyson's feet, slamming it into his legs and causing him to hit the ground.

"ACK!" Greyson blurted out as stood back up.
"QUIL!" Cinder simultaneously squealed, becoming angered. It quickly hopped up and charged hostile dog, scratching it across the face.
"There we go, Cinder!" Greyson cheered on.

The small Cyndaquil looked back at him with a grin. A grin that was quickly extinguished as the enemy clamped into him with a crunch, slinging him towards Greyson once more as if it was mocking them.

"Cinder!" Greyson called out as he caught the small Pokemon in his arms, falling roughly to his knees. "We can do this. Come on now!" Greyson finished as he put the injured Cyndaquil back on the ground. Before Greyson could make another move, a small primate pokemon rushed by him, catching his eye.

What now?

Death to Plasma?
Pokemon Trainer Academy - Issac Milke
Pokemon Plasma - Greyson Cole
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