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Time to update!

-Minazuki learned Double Team
-Minazuki learned Teleport

-Was challenged by Rival Sosuke
-Rival Sosuke sent out Taillow (M, Lv.9)
-Confusion OHKO Taillow
-Rival Sosuke sent out Oshawott (M, Lv.11)
-Two hits of Confusion were needed to eliminate Oshawott
-Rival Sosuke was defeated

-Minazuki learned Psybeam
-Found the "missing" Herdier and got TM21 Frustration
-Trained with Alder
-Obtained the Medal Box

-Challenged PKMN Trainer Roxanne
-Roxanne sent out Anorith (M, Lv.11)
-Psybeam OHKO
-Roxanne sent out Lileep (M, Lv.11)
-Psybeam spam was needed to eliminate Lileep
-Roxanne sent out Nosepass (F, Lv.13)
-Three hits of Psybeam took down Nosepass
-PKMN Trainer Roxanne was defeated

-Minazuki learned Shock Wave
-Minazuki evolved into Kirlia
-Saved progress for now


Minazuki/Kirlia (F, Lv.20)
Psybeam, Growl, Shock Wave, Teleport
Ability: Trace
Stats: HP 53, ATK 25, DEF 27, SP. ATK 56, SP. DEF 33, SPD 35
Lax nature.
Somewhat of a clown.
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