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After Pokemon Red, Green, and Blue were released, Game Freak decided to release a new Pokemon game that was made to be an enhanced version of Red, Green, and Blue and coincide with Pokemon: The First movie. This game was called Pokemon Yellow Version Special Pikachu Edition. It was also released with a special Pikachu-themed Gameboy Color and (WOW) there was even a Pikachu-themed yellow Volkswagen New Beetle.

Then in 2004, Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen were released. Think about if Game Freak had decided to make a Pokemon LightningYellow Version to go with FireRed and LeafGreen like how Yellow had gone with Red and Green. Do you think LightningYellow might ever be a possibility in the future? If so, would you get LightningYellow, or would you just stick to FireRed and LeafGreen? If they did make LightningYellow, do you think Game Freak would create more anime based games? 3...2...1...


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