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I have absolutely nothing to do at the moment (currently at work, finished my task 2 hours after I got here :x ), so uh, yeah...
My eyes are sore from reading all of your entries, so I needed to take a break.

Know a few things about me. :3
  1. I am so addicted to Atlantica Online. :3 I play on the Mycenae server. :3
  2. I love bows. Dunno, but I fell in love with bows and archery when I was still young. :3
  3. I love adventure. But my life is too boring for it to give me some. =/
  4. I have limited friends, because I don't socialize. Really, I don't.
  5. I hate my dad so much.
  6. I love my brothers too much, especially my youngest bro. I'm working, not for myself, but to give my youngest bro a nice future. =/
  7. I'm always sleepy.
  8. I don't like coffee. The smell gives me headaches.
  9. I don't like cigarettes (is that how you spell them?). The smell angers me beyond imagination.
  10. I don't like alcoholic drinks. The smell wants me to kill someone. :x (not really, but you get the point)
  11. My mood drastically drops to anger when my dad is around.
  12. I look serious, too serious, even if I have nothing on my mind.
  13. I avoid social interactions because I can't stand long conversations, especially with topics I'm not interested in.
  14. I have been cheated...twice. Now I'm too careful to pick a girl I like. =/
  15. There was a girl back in high school that was too god-damn in love with me, that she literally followed me around during recess and lunch break.
  16. ...she even followed me back home without my knowledge, and when my mom opened the door, she suddenly hugged me from behind.
  17. ......I was glad that I went to college, just because I don't have to deal with her again. :D
  18. .........oh, and I didn't return her love though. Dunno, but I didn't feel anything for her, and I don't want to be with her just because she likes me while I don't. It just seemed...unfair.
  19. I LOVE apple juice. <3
  20. I'm afraid of honey bees... ;_;
  21. I don't like grape juice. It just taste like...water... =/
  22. I'm allergic to cats. Still, I touch and hug and cuddle with them when I can. And then...I regret nothing. <3
  23. I kinda don't like dogs.
  24. ...Strange that I'm actually good with dogs. I can even train puppies to sit and stare at their food before I give them the go signal. =/
  25. Oh, I work as a software engineer, even though I took up Computer Programming. =/
  26. The college where I studied sucked so much.
  27. I almost forgot, I love PKMN. :3
  28. My favorites are Sandslash, Flareon and Girafarig.
  29. Flareon is cute.
  30. I still want to figure out what is underneath Diglett...
  31. I love plants.
  32. I cried once when our dog toyed with all of my potted plants.
  33. My plants are more important than my dad.
  34. I don't understand kids these days.
  35. I don't understand the world now...
  36. I survived the 2012 apocalypse. :3 We all did. xD
  37. I still love Chrono Cross. :3
  38. I love badminton.
  39. I can't dribble while running in basketball... =/
  40. I got hit by a volleyball behind my head during 5th grade. I didn't play volleyball ever since.
  41. I scored a home run on baseball once. Everyone were cheering, but I thought it's because I made a mistake, so I ran back inside instead. xD
  42. I'm not a good pitcher...
  43. I was the leader of a boyscout group during 5th grade.
  44. ...that was when I realized that I didn't like ordering my team around, or anyone around...
  45. I don't like social gatherings. I evade each invitation, even from my bosses.
  46. ...but if they threaten me that they'll cut my salary if I don't attend, then I'll go... -,-
  47. I feel so bad of shutting down SkyLine...
  48. I'm skinny... No matter how I eat, I'll always stay skinny, it seems... =/
  49. I always dream of having wings. :3
  50. I like art. Though I suck at drawing. Still, I like art. :3
  51. I composed an original song, and the lyrics are still on my head. I just need some music to it, and someone to do the vocals. Aw well...
  52. I love ponies. :3
  53. I wish I was a pony. :3
  54. I can't stay to sit and watch horror movies. My poor heart can't take it.
  55. Even though I want to not mind others, I can't help it but to help them if they're really out in the dumps...
  56. ...I don't like getting rewards... It makes me feel like I owe them, and I hate that feeling...
  57. When I talk, it's straight to the point.
  58. If I ask a question, I expect a direct and straight answer.
  59. ...delay-type answers always runs my patience thin.
  60. ...I can sense if answers could potentially lead into a LOOOOOONG conversation. I'll cut the chances.
  61. I hate peanut butter. I don't really know why. Seeing one makes me cringe.
  62. I love the rain. Not because it makes me feel emo, but because IT'S TOO DAMN HOT HERE!
  63. Oh, I live in the Philippines, by the way. :3
  64. I can't connect my credit card to my PayPal account. I guess that's a good thing... =/
  65. I don't have any fashion sense. My younger bro is complaining about it. xD
  66. I love teasing my mom. Heck, my bros and I LOVE to tease our mom.
  67. I miss the old days... =/
  68. ...I'm getting old... T_T
  69. I miss zel.
  70. I'm still sleepy...and bored...and got nothing better to do...
  71. I never rode an airplane before, and the mere thought scares me...
  72. I like traveling by boat. :3 But they're too damn slow... =/
  73. I don't like cakes and other sweet stuff that are too sweet.
  74. I don't like the feeling of my entire mouth and neck are like burning whenever I eat something hot and spicy... =/
  75. I miss our dogs... ;_;
  76. I wash the plates, clean the table, sweep the floor...yeah, I do most of the household chores back home.
  77. ...except the laundry.
  78. ......that's a woman's (my mom's) job. xD
  79. the females reading that...please don't kill me... ;_;
  80. I sometimes wear different pairs of socks to work. My jeans cover them anyway, so no worries. :3

Okay, I ran out of things to say. :3

Ahh...poopie... I got the first post on the second page...

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