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Originally Posted by KoboraX View Post
Yeah, I may have to switch over to Sapphire. Every Ruby rom I try to use doesn't work. I'll try a Sapphire rom, and if all else fails, I'll have no choice but to do Emerald instead. I'll still try to update today, even if I'm forced to do Emerald.
Have you tried I go there for all my ROMs, Ruby being one of them, and they work. But, if you have to, I'll switch you over.

Also, I am updating.

Update #2 - Erika the Tribute

What happened:
I went into the S. S. Anne and beat all of the tributes in that sinking ship. Before it sank, I won a fight with Gary (HOW THE F**K DID HE GET HIS POKEMON BACK!!!!!), stole a Cut HM from the "Captain", and quickly made a getaway from a horrible, watery death. I went ahead and caught a slave for Cut. I then fought the next Career Tribute, Lt. Surge. He was cocky and overconfident and quickly fell to Boggs. The Gamemakers tried sending me a present in the form of HM05, Flash, but I rejected it, seeing as I'm supposed to be surviving on my own and I was not required to take it. I blindly charged through the Rock Tunnel, which happened to be collapsing, and quickly made away with some goodies and tens of dead tributes before the cave fell in on itself. I was not able to obtain the coveted Onix, however. The few tributes in the ghost town, Lavender Town, tried to play nice with me, but I didn't fall for it. I went to Celadon with an extremely overleveled Boggs and quickly beat up the overwhelming horde known as Team Rocket. However, I didn't know that I was about to face the biggest challenge in the Games so far. Erika was cool and collected, so it was not as easy to beat her as it was Lt. Surge. However, I still managed to pull through alright. It was getting dark, so I set up camp near Celadon and stopped for the day.

Graveler Lv. 49

Rock Slide

Bye for now!