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Charles Tevon

Charles looked at his new companion. He threw the Pokeball on the ground. Out popped a disgruntled looking Zoura. The Zoura looked at him confused, and growled. Ugh, it doesn't understand what a trainer is. Charles sighed, wondering how he was going to put it. "Um, okay, look. I am your trainer, now I am... Your master." The Zorua grinned and it started to shift into Niengo. Charles rolled his eyes, and returned the Zorua. Charles sent out the Zorua and it looked even more confused now. It stared at the Pokeball and frowned. "Zo..."

Charles smiled, "Now you see?" Zorua used Leer on him and Charles rolled his eyes again. "Look. You have to do everything I say. Now, don't try anything stupid." Zorua started to grow into Charles. Charles punched the other Charles' head, and his hand went right through as he had expected. His hand destroyed the illusion, and Zorua looked pissed off. Zorua ran forwards with a Scratch. Charles backed up, but suddenly, Zorua stopped. It started to get dragged backwards. Charles looked confused, but then, Charles noticed the webs going around its entire body. Looking beyond Zorua, Charles saw a Spinarak holding one of the strings. Looking beyond that one, there were at least twenty more.

Charles' eyes widened, and he returned Zorua. Except he didn't, because there was too much web blocking the light, so Zorua stayed there. "Okay, Niengo, use Flame Kick on the webs!" But Niengo just stood there, shivering like it was extremely cold. "Niengo?" Niengo looked sick, and practically collapsed on the floor. He whimpered, "Ri... Ri..." Great. Charles thought. I have a Riolu who is afraid of bugs. So note to self, in a forest, bring Repels. Charles would have to do this old school style. He would have to do it himself.

Charles steeled himself, and ran forwards. Him jumped towards Zoura, and realized, he didn't have any plan. However, Zoura, could take care of itself. It started to shift into an illusion of a fern again. Charles got caught by one String Shot, and he fell to the ground. A bunch of Spinaraks started to stream his, and one used Poison Sting on Zoura, not fooled. Zoura became Zoura again, and looked sick. Charles threw off some Spinaraks and yelled, "Zoura! Scratch!" Zoura paid him no attention. Charles threw off some other Spinaraks, but Zoura was getting covered, so Charles crawled towards it. He threw off a bunch of the Spinaraks. He managed to pick up Zorua, and he ran with it in his arms.

One Spinarak was on Zoura, and was about to use Poison Sting. Zoura looked very scared. Charles made a decision and picked it up fast. The Spinarak stung Charles. Hard. His vision started to go purple, and he kept running. The Spinarak fell off, but Charles kept running. He felt sick. His throat was constricting. Zorua looked at him, and steeled its eyes. It climbed up a tree, and came back down with a Pecha berry. Charles thankfully ate the berry. He felt the effects immediately, and said, "Oh, Thank you Zorua." The Zoura just nodded, and Charles smiled.


Nice post, I love the new font on the top.

Nip grew to level 6. Shadow is going to find a Leaf Stone.


Nice first post, try and catch up please, but good!


Zoura grew to level 5. It learned Pursuit.
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