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Did my title catch your attention?

Anyways, a big hello to everyone in PokeCommunity! I am tealwing, or you may also call me Fionn. Like everyone here, I am an avid fan of Pokemon.

This is actually my first time joining a forum (I have been *cough* lurking for the past few days *cough*), so I hope I can fit in quickly and engage in discussing many interesting topics about Pokemon with you guys. Also, I'm looking forward to meeting and befriending other Pokemon enthusiasts.

Since this is my very own thread, I shall include a little bit about myself.
I started playing Pokemon around the age of 10, when I was just a little girl. Unlike many others, my first Pokemon game was an online turn-based RPG called Pokemon Crater. I still remember my first Pokemon, which was a Mudkip. Since then, I have played through many other games throughout my childhood. I stopped playing a few years ago due to my studies, but now I'm back.

I like and appreciate each and every Pokemon, but my favorites are definitely of the Flying type & Water type. I don't have a favorite Pokemon right now since I'm still slowly making my way back into Pokemon gaming.

Wow, that was pretty long.

To end off, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Don't hesitate to drop a message and talk to me, I won't bite. I hope to get to know many people, and have a fun time in this forum!
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