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Hello Fionn, nice name! And welcome to PC!

I noticed you love Water-type Pokemon, and you might have a nice potential friend in me since I love Water-type Pokemon as well! My fave Pokemon, Oshawott happens to be a Water-type but it kinda sucks there's no active Water-type Pokemon club right now but I hope one gets made soon. You're new to forums in general? Don't worry if you feel scared because I'm happy to help you out, along with the other kind members and staff as well. I have joined like 1 forum before coming here but it's right here at PC where my real heart is because I made the most friends here out of all the forums I've been at.

And don't worry if you've spent time away from Pokemon, I've been a dedicated fan right from the get-go with no retirements inbetween and I always like to catch up with the latest games. Nice intro btw, I like those who put more thought and detail into their introduction threads, and I hope you stick around and post in your favorite parts of PC.

Don't forget to read the rules and contact staff members if you need help, I'm also available for a visitor message anytime. Just stop by my profile and say hi! Have fun and I'll be seeing ya around the forums!

- Hikari10
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