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Black 2

I have been very busy with pokemon the last few days~ Firstly, I got the Therian form of Tornadus in Dream Radar and sent it into my game! ^-^

I have also been doing a lot of training and evolved my Munna, Vanillite, Corphish, Cubchoo, and and Lilipup.

I also hatched a bunch of Pokemon- Spearow, Cacnea, Sentret, Hippopotas and Gulpin. These pokemon are only in the National Dex and even though I am focusing on the Unova dex, I decided to hatch them anyway.

Now that it is spring in the game, I went and caught a Croagunk which I did not have because they aren't available in the winter.

I called Curtis 30 times and he met me at the Ferris Wheel. I called him again afterword and said he wanted to go on the Ferris Wheel again. I met him, rode it with him, and he then offered to trade me a Mankey. It traded him an extra Swablu I had for it. I was happy that I got to trade with him, but I am confused because I thought I was supposed to call him a total of 51 times before he would offer to trade with me. Oh well!

Unova Dex

Seen: 295
Obtained: 231

Pokemon Go Dex: 75
ORAS National Dex: 290

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