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IQ is very affected by how you live your life. People's IQs change throughout their lives; and this wasn't even an official IQ test, so you can't even guarantee it was accurate about base "intelligence" and not about what you've learned throughout your life. Edit: for example, I took a test to get into Mensa that was meant to simulate an IQ test; one of the sections was vocab. Vocab has nothing to do with intelligence, it has to do with what you've learned.

Their argument makes perfect sense to me. When my mom got laid off from her job, went back to school, and then tried to apply for entry-level positions, she got rejected multiple times because she was overqualified. They didn't want to be used as a stepping stone to a better job, and they were afraid that she would quit as soon as she got a better offer.

The bigger question of police officers is the personality that draws a person to the job, not their intelligence levels. I don't care if the police officer has an IQ of 150 if he wanted to become a cop to get power over others.

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