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I want all of you wonderfully patient retail employees' opinion on something. This is going to be hard because I'm REALLY steamed right now.

Tonight was inventory, no big deal. All we have to do is count stuff out and weigh things. The store closes at 9 pm and by the time we finish, it's usually only about 10 or 10:30 in extreme situations, and then everything is 100% done. Not tonight. We didn't leave until 11 pm and he wasn't even close to being done.

Our manager had to call in the other manager from a nearby store to show him how to do inventory. He's been there for nearly 3 months, and he still can't even close out the register for the day by himself. He was impatient and rude with everyone today, finding at least one thing to complain to everyone individually about. He informed us that when we request days off, we aren't guaranteed to have them off and if we miss a day that's requested off that he schedules us for last minute, we face being reprimanded.

Me and the other employees weighed 20+ lbs of products and counted hundreds of products all day today. He sat on his behind at the register on the phone all day long. He got really mad at the fact we weren't done by the time the store closed at 9, and gave everyone bullcrap. He called my pregnant co-worker a "fudging" retard (he was a lot more colorful with the words, if you get my drift) and he compared her to two other girls who just left within the past month calling them "fudging" retards in the process. So he insulted three employees all in one go. Everyone is sick of him, myself as well.

So... I'm debating if I should just wait it out because inventory IS only once a month or if I should start looking for another job, given his behavior... :/ My favorite co-worker is leaving in 2 weeks and he says he's going to call corporate to report the manager for all the crap he's done (touching food that we sell with his bare hands, making children cry, endangering customers by mixing peanut-containing products with non-peanut and sugar with sugarfree) but he won't call the office until after his two weeks are up. I really want to text him tomorrow and ask him for corporate's number because I want to call them myself ASAP.

Should I just wait and see how things turn out or should I start looking for another job or just quit as soon as I can?