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Dear Anonymous,

Seriously now, STOP turning the heat on. If you're cold use a blanket. It gets too hot in our room.

Oh & next time maybe you should try closing the window if you're cold.

Seriously now? Did you really need to stick that note on the thermostat? You couldn't just politely knock on my door and ask me to turn off the heat? Oh, that's right. You are incapable of saying anything politely. I have been nothing but a good roommate all year and when there's 3 days left in the semester, you decide to put that unnecessary note on thermostat? It is completely ridiculous. Maybe I am not perfect, maybe sometimes I forget to take out the garbage or wash the dishes, but I have been nothing but nice, polite, and kind to you. There is absolutely no reason to be so rude to me.

I was thinking of putting an equally rude note on your door, but unlike you, I am mature. Remember when you rudely told me "I don't know if you know this, but we aren't in high school anymore. We need to talk things out like adults." You really lived up to that, didn't you?