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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
Hmmm you know what'd be awesome? Braviary evolution. I want to see how far they could possibly go with that, although no doubt it'd be very strong...
I think that Rufflett should evolve into something else before it evolves into Braviary because of how stark the differences in size and aesthetic appeal are.

Off-Topic P.S.: It's great to be back at the Evo/Prevo Speculation page after catching up on all things X and Y over at the general forum.

Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times. View Post
The only time a new evo or pre-evo of a previous gen Pokémon has been a "mascot" of some kind was Pichu, and that was pretty much just to advertise the existence of baby Pokémon. Hence I find a Sableye evolution being a generation mascot of some kind implausible.
Evolutions for both Sableye and Mawile would be cool, although stat-wise, Sableye doesn't really need one.

You know what I want evolved? Torkoal. Give us some Fire/Water awesomeness. >:I
No way; Torkoal's already too big to be a basic Pokémon! Maybe a prevo or two would be more acceptable, or the guy could get the Roselia treatment.
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