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My MVP in Detail

Met at Lv70, Dragonspiral Tower
OT: ZEKROM(12777)
Jolly Nature(Speed Up, Sp.Atk Down)
Strong willed
Judge: Decent all around
Best stat by Judge: Sp.Def

Ability: Teravolt
Held Item: Leftovers

HP: 327
Atk: 345
Def: 283
Sp.Atk: 256
Sp Def: 252
Speed: 237


Dragon Claw
Fusion Bolt

It's kind of weak for a Zekrom actually, because I did not EV train it and spammed 14 rare candies on it. To make up for the loss of effort points through 14 rare candy level-ups, I spammed the Vitamins and kept training against Marshal, whose Pokemon give out HP and Attack EVs. Also, the HP is under-average for a Zekrom.

I'm proud of my buddy xD He sweeps water and/or flying teams completely with his STAB Fusion Bolt!!!

Naughty Nature Zekrom with 422 Attack stat and 252 Attack EVs traded from Pokemon White Version FTW!!!
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