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I hate it, with an utter passion. You know what is also complete BS, BSL Breed Specific Legislation. Meaning if they choose to ban a breed of dog they can. I own an American PitBull Terrier, and when people see me with my dog I'm treated as if I'm a monster....I'm a F$&%ing pokemon nerd....This ties in because a very BRUTAL form of animal abuse has such a light punishment. Dog fighting, I've seen documentaries on it and its....words can't describe it, they would kill the dogs in most brutal forms for loosing or let them bleed out in the pit alone, simply for losing a fight that its "owner" told him to do, the dog wants to please his "owner" and dies a brutal death by the hands of the "owner". The bonds these dogs some how have with these scum of the earth is amazing, I've seen a dog wag his tail and jump around and beg for his "owners" attention before a fight. The dog loses and his hooked up to wires and then shocked to death.I'm sorry but this may come off as extreme but if you're willing to do that to animals you shouldn't be free and I don't want to pay to keep you alive.
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