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Masato Ryu - Chapter 2 - Rescued

Were his eyes playing tricks on him? There was another, a female, attacking the Harbinger. Was she another Reaper sent to assist? It didn't matter: he was in her debt. Fortunately, this distracted the Harbinger, causing him to turn away from the balcony. Masato took this opportunity to slowly climb back up. As he spilled back onto the balcony floor, he saw the Harbinger move in.

The Harbinger, blocking the girl's sword, laughed as he shoved her away. "Another fool dares to combat me?" he sneered right back, "Maybe I'll have an actual fight this time." Once again, he created his clones and quickly surrounded her, like he did with Masato earlier. They slowly stalked her, looking for her weak spots.

Masato, weakened from his injuries, called out to the girl, "His clones can't be damaged, but they can hurt you. Hit the original with a strong attack and the clones will disappear." The Harbinger paid him no mind as all four of them closed in on her, brandishing their claws against her.

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