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Originally Posted by Fenneking View Post
Can you justify why we have a duty to not let a given species go extinct? Extinction is a natural process which has occurred since the beginning of time, long before humans existed. Extinction is necessary for other species to emerge and thrive. Cost to protect one species could is money taken away from the betterment of human society, and therefore diminishes our quality of life, especially to those that are struggling for sustenance.

Animals don't understand pain and suffering? They certainly do. It's a physiological response that motivates them to do that which will aid in their survival, they actually understand pain better than we do in that most primitive sense. Pain, to them, is a necessary defense mechanism.

People should not be forced to eat meat, and I never implied so. People are eating less meat because of consumerism, it's cheaper to produce chemically-altered grain products than it is to supply plant and meat based products, though at a long-term price. Long-term, one is better served to eat meat and plant products than they are to eat grains, which have not fully integrated into our digestion evolution as has meat. Since health care costs for obesity (therefore heart disease and stroke), diabetes (therefore heart disease and stroke), celiac disease, alzheimers are linked to insulin sensitivity and consumption of gluten/grains, people should not be eating chemically processed grains (unless you are of certain Eastern Dissent and have evolved to digest certain non-processed grains). Thus, one does not need meat, simply it is affordable to those who exercise healthy eating of meat and plant based foods, and need a supplement to plants. If you can afford to eat only plant-based food, more power to you. Humans should not eat as they please, since their individual behavior affects all of society in health costs, and early loss of life (taxpayers made an investment in education, etc.) Doing that in which is against the betterment of human life is against our natural order, which is to maintain substance and improve quality of life of mankind.

Our actions and behaviors should not be motivated on mere arbitrary sentiments that have no logical basis, there needs to be a logical basis that demonstrates how a behavior does or does not help the human race and the societies we live in; otherwise, we could be a detriment to mankind - the most ultimate evil acting against a natural order that all species prescribe to.
Many many animal species are on the brink of extinction because of human actions. I dont think they deserve that, when humans bring animals to that brin, it's not natural, I think they shouldnt just deliberately be made extinct. Animals undertsand pain and suffering but they do not understand why they are being caused that pain and suffering that in my opinion is why animal cruelty is wrong. Most animals are not detrimental to our species. They are simply trying to live. I do not think most animals even want to go near a person at all. The animals outside do not harm me nor do they even want to be near me at all. So I see absoluetly no reason to cause any harm to them at all. It dosent benefit me, heck I dont even squash bugs because I dont really feel the need to. Animals are not "evil and detrimental to humans" they are just creatures trying to live in the same world. I dont know where you're getting that from. Im of the opinion that if you do not need to harm an animal, it should just be left alone. I love animals and I think being needlessly cruel to them is wrong. Heck, I want a career where I can do something to help them, so Im certainly not advocating causing them suffering and pain.
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