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I'll usually make a conscious attempt to teach my legendary SOMETHING useful, or at least up it a few levels. I've never actually raised a legendary to Level 100, so I'm considering attempting that and seeing how I go (I know it's much more difficult as you require 25% more Experience Points than normal Pokemon to get most legendaries to Level 100). If I don't find much use in them, though, I'll box them and occasionally pull them out when I want to have some fun.

Jan 16 02:59:42 <Firebot> SOLD: Aurora to the really good reshirams for 6000.
Jan 16 03:00:12 <Bunnelby> dude aurora is actually a good buy cause
Jan 16 03:00:16 <Bunnelby> sweep disciple
Jan 16 03:00:21 <raseri> mini sweep
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