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Originally Posted by WooliestSteam1 View Post
Hey and welcome to PC. Your very similar to me, I became obsessed with the anime about the same time as yourself, and pretty much logged countless hours in Red on my Gameboy Color. I hope your injury isn't too serious! D:

I'm glad to see your enjoying Black 2, it's pretty awesome. Where about's in it are you at the moment?
I can tell you my friend you will have a great time here. Even a thread where you can discuss your favourite anime with fellow members.

So, welcome to the site and I hope you have a great time here. I'll catch you around friend.
Thank you. Those days were a good time to be part of the Pokemon fandom, did your school ever ban the trading cards? I remember they were a massive craze, all most kids wanted to do at break/lunch was trade cards and when they got banned people used to sneak them in all the time.
I dread to imagine how many hours I clocked up on my Gameboy Color over the years but it was fun.
Aww cheers, got whiplash & wrist fracture but hopefully will be on the mend soon.

I've just beaten Clay in Driftveil Gym. You completed it?

Anime thread sounds perfect to me, I agree I'm definitely going to like it here and thanks for the warm welcome.

Originally Posted by Ankarit View Post
Welcome to PC
I wish you a good stay (:
Thanks very much, I'm really liking it here already.
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