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Hello people! We’re the team behind this hack. We’re giving you some details about us first, so if you’re not interested in that, simply skip to the next section.

Papayaperson: I'm Anthony, and I need help creating a ROM hack! I've been wanting to for years, and for 3 years I've attempted learning, and even some mild hacking. I have decent all-around skills, but this has proven to be too much work for one person. My goal here is to create a hack that follows the classic unspoken rules of a Pokemon game, including the pattern for starter designs, eight gyms, post-game, HM moves, etc. I'm hoping that I get some responses and get moving on this game ;D

Reshilegend: Sup, I’m the second guy behind this hack. I joined a long time ago and I’m in charge of the graphics, like tiles, sprites etc. I’m also designing Fakemon. You can check out the main hack thread, or message either of us for more information, if this thread isn’t informative enough for you

The Project

Currently, we are working on Project Steam. The hack will actually be divided into two separate versions, Shining Waters and Hazing Flames (thus, steam). The differences are mainly parts of the story, version exclusive Pokemon etc. We haven’t decided the version differences completely at this point though. It takes place in the Charpa Region, which is divided into several sectors. These sectors are different in terms of nature, wild Pokemon and so on. The game starts in the mountain sector, and we’re now working on the beginning of the beach sector. Think of it like the different Kalos sections in XY. So, you can really see that we’re trying to include a variety of places for the region to explore. It is a classic style Pokemon game, meaning the player still has to fill the Pokedex, go through 8 gyms, battle the Elite 4, etc. However, there will be new features that will add to the experience. For example, we're adding gym leader challenges. These small quests are required to get access to a gym, and each gym leader has their own special quest that challengers have to complete.
One of the main features of this hack will be the Fakemon. We're investing a lot of time in the designs to make sure that they look good. However, some of them are not final, so their design could still change. It depends on your feedback if we change a certain Mon or keep it as it is! Now, we know many people don’t like Fakemon, which is why we’ll also include regular Pokemon, of course.The stories of certain Pokemon and the goal of Team Next ('Evil' Team) will be centered around Norse Mythology.

Current Progress

We have completed
- a good amount of Fakemon (back-)sprites,
- concept art,
- several early-game maps,
- almost no progress with scripts (due to the lack of scripters who were staying on the team, now we’re catching up though!),
- several new music tracks from different games
- and a very well-along story and plot.

Also, we're currently working on character designs/important people in the game. Here are a few examples of our work:





Sprites (Fakemon Spoilers)


Current Team Members

PapayaPerson - Storyline, "Director", Fakemon Ideas/Design

Reshilegend - "Co-Director", Mapping, Tile Inserting, Fakemon designing & spriting

Pointeroo- Scripter

Shubunkus- Scripter

habit12- Artist

Nix- „Sappier“

Help Wanted

- experienced Spriters (especially for Trainers and OWs! Fakemon spriters should have a similar spriting style to our Fakemon sprites that we have so far)
- Music Editors/Composers/Custom cry makers maybe?
- Artists (Characters/Fakemon)
- experienced Scripters
- Help for balancing Fakemon movesets/stats, coming up with (good!) Fakemon names
- Custom Tile Designer (optional)


Preferred Name:
Skill(s) :
Proof of Work (not via PM, either directly in the thread or as a link) :
Contact Information (PM, Skype, ...) :
Past Work (if applicable) :
Time Zone (In terms of UTC) :
Availability (hours per day/week, optional) :
Reason why you want to join (optional, but it would be nice to hear) :

If you're interested in joining, but you're not sure if you should.. Just apply! Every dedicated person is welcome. We will definitely finish this hack, and to reach this goal, we need every helping person that wants this too. Thanks for reading!

~ The Project Steam team