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Originally Posted by akane159 View Post
thx men that help me a lot xD, but now I have this problem, when I add the script, activates the surf in the water, without a pokemon have learned the technique surf , you speak only in the water and asks if you want to surf if you selec yes, it begins to surf, do i not know why this happens, and also from talking to your pokemon do not appear the animations, emoticons and I have created in the database at the animation with the same names that are in the script
First problem: This is normal in essentials. If you are playing in debug mode you can use HMs without badges. If you try in the normal game file you won't be able to do this.

Emoticons: Are the correct graphics in the folder Graphics/Animations? If you put the emotion animations in the database are their numbers in the database matching the numbers you put for them in Settings Script?