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Ace Trainer Ridge
White 2
Eeveelution (Skyridge)

Brushfire lv. 25 @ Leftovers
Intimidate | Serious
[ Flame Wheel, Fire Fang, Reversal, Return ]

Frost Ray lv. 23 @ Amulet Coin
Adaptability | Timid
[ Covet, Return, Bite, Quick Attack ]

Trouble lv. 21 @ Exp Share
Run Away | Quirky
[ Return, Work Up, Quick Attack, Bite ]

Necrum lv. 21 @ Scope Lens
Run Away | Jolly
[ Sand-Attack, Return, Covet, Bite ]

We started our journey. I named myself Ridge after the set that this deck is from, Sykridge. My rival is Aqua, named after another e-series set, Aquapolis. Started with Tepig, who I did not name cause I couldn't think of anything. We did all the beginning of the game stuff. Because Town Volunteers requires that I have at least five different Pokemon with me at all times, I caught some Pokemon during the beginning. After I got my first badge, I made my way to Virbank to get my first real party member, Brushfire the Growlithe, named after a Base Set theme deck. I sent over the key for challenge mode and activated it after that. I beat Roxie with relative ease and went to make a movie that I didn't bother watching. Took us a long time, but we caught three Eevee in the next town, Castelia. They're named Frost Ray, Trouble, and Necrum. We got our third badge with a bit of difficulty. Now to move on and get some of these Eevee evolved.

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