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((For further information on this roleplay, please view the OOC thread. This roleplay is by invitation only.))

This was going to be an interesting class. No doubt about that.

A Therianthropic. Heightened senses, reflexes... the usual deal, with a nice dose of transformation thrown in. He could apparently go anywhere from a baby version of Sabretooth to something potentially much tougher to handle. Hard to gauge where his potential lay without first hand experience, but even if he did 'hulk out' his strength shouldn't be difficult to contain. Provided she had the juice.

An Aquakinetic. No ability to transform into water, so not a Hydro-Man deal. If there was going to be any guarantee of effectiveness in the field then he would need to carry a water supply with him, which could be awkward. She hadn't encountered one in person before, so her concepts of how to help him were limited. Hopefully meeting the boy would help with that.

A... well, she wasn't sure what the term for this was. He could make things moldable by maintaining contact with them - that was a new one on her. Field applications ranged from utterly useless to genuinely frightening. She made a mark next to his name - she would have to give a lot of thought in where his training would take him.

A self-replicator. Ugh, as if there weren't enough copies of Multiple Man running around there was going to be a new kid getting his clones underfoot. There were one or two tests to run with him to see the extent of his power, but she already mostly knew how she would help the boy. Provided he could keep a lid on his powers - Jamie had gone nuclear once or twice in the past.

Now this was interesting. At first glance this girls ability seemed very familair. Metallic skin. She had sparred with Colossus once about a year back, and she wasn't entirely sure her head wasn't still ringing. They would have to test just how strong this metal was - maybe it was even the same as the kind Colossus had. But she also produced heat when transformed? If that could be harnessed this young girl could become very powerful indeed. But if she lost control... she may prove difficult, even for her.

And Sand Mimicry, that could be interesting. With any luck she may be able to arrange an extra class or two with Dust, provided she could get a hold of her. It brought up the disturbing question of what would happen if their... particles... got mixed up, but best to let the sand girls themselves worry about that. Her profile said she had a level head, that couldn't hurt with keeping the class running smooth. And eventually the team.

Sighing she set the papers down on the desk and walked behind it, leaning her back against the whiteboard. She'd had to fight for this room - Beast had booked it weeks ago for a Biology class. For all his smarts it had taken a painfully long time to make him see why she could not hold class in a room with a blackboard, she needed a whiteboard. Stars and garters indeed.

The students should be arriving any minute, and when they did they were in for a sight. Even she had to admit she was unusual looking - even for a mutant. The main problem was that you couldn't see her. She wasn't invisible, she had an altogether different problem.

As they arrived they would see her quite clearly against the whiteboard - or rather, they wouldn't see her. The space immediately around her seemed to be darker than the rest of the room, as if the light was having trouble permeating the air around her. As for the woman herself, she was entirely and utterly black, her skin was dark as pitch. And it was all uniform, her eyes were black spheres, her fingernails were the same colour and shade as the rest of her body - there was no way to tell one part of her body from another except by shape. It was impossible to see her facial expression as her facial features couldn't be made out. There was just the occassional sense of movement. Even when she spoke it seemed that the inside of her mouth - her teeth, tongue and gums - were all that exact same black colour.

The truth was that she was impossible to see because she was absorbing light so efficently that she failed to reflect any of it. To the eye, she was a space where light could not escape, and was thus impossible to see. She was a living silhouette. Thankfully her clothes reflected some light, so she didn't appear to be naked. She was dressed in a dazzlingly white pant suit, which should have stood out glaringly against her obsidian skin. But the field of poor light around her detracted from the clothes, making them seem darker than they were.

She was of average height - that much at least could be seen. Her body shape against the whiteboard made it clear she was trim, but there was no way to tell if she was athletic, muscled, underweight... just that she wasn't large. She seemed to be entirely bald, or have very close cut hair, as the shape of her head was clear. A side view helped to show that she was reasonably well endowed, but the difficulty in making out any details of her appearance made it difficult for most people to find her attractive.

Except truckers. Truckers loved her. Must be because of the woman on the mudflaps.

The files told her that none of these kids had developed any obvious physical mutations - at least not yet. Hopefully her appearance, or lack thereof, wouldn't make any of them uncomfortable. They had all been here for at least a few days to let them settle in before class began and so would have had plenty of opportunity to see the other students, and even a few X-Men. This would be their first class, and the only one marked down for today, simply titled "Orientation".

Any minute now...
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