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Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
I like the idea of each Elite Four member being based of a stat with each member specializing in one of the four being HP, Attack, Defence and Speed, similar to Normans Gym in RSE.

I actually kind of like this concept. I'd allow for type diversity, and it'd be an interesting concept. Maybe having one in Attack, Special Attack, both Defenses, and Speed would be a cool concept to have. HP itself isn't really much to work with, so if anything I'd see it bunched in with the Defenses category. Although I don't really think that leaves much room for the Champion to do much. I mean they could just have a standard team with some base strategy (kind of like the HGSS rematches did) instead of focusing on one type. Not have ridiculously hard AI, but they'd be smart enough to make some switches if it'd be obvious, or set up some preliminary entry hazards.

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