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Total randomness, as per usual. Discussing ROM hack names, and of course, cheese :3

[18:56] @glitchguy: cheese
[18:56] @glitchguy: now
[18:56:16] +Aslan: pokemon sexy glitch and smexy slate
[18:56:17] It's Slate: yes rlly glitch
[18:56:19] +Aslan: what sort of name is that
[18:56:20] @ForeverDash: im so freakin bored
[18:56:21] Colοurs.: Lol
[18:56:22] It's Slate: cheese NO
[18:56:28] It's Slate: NO
[18:56:31] Colοurs.: that's a hack I'd play all night long
[18:56:38] +Aslan: go read fanfiction or shizz
OU battle started between @ForeverDash and srinator.
[18:56:46] It's Slate: you can find things there in that hack
[18:56:49] @ForeverDash: eww
[18:57:04] @glitchguy: but
[18:57:09] It's Slate: no cheese
[18:57:10] @glitchguy: youll have to catch em all first
[18:57:18] @glitchguy: which is impossible
[18:57:30] @glitchguy: because i didnt put all of em in
[18:57:53] @glitchguy: and yes slate
[18:57:54] @glitchguy: cheese
[18:57:59] @glitchguy: CHEESE
[18:58:16] It's Slate: NO CHEESE
[18:58:19] It's Slate: well a lil bit
[18:58:22] It's Slate: ok

aaaand far later in the night, this happened: (this is why you keep an eye on the server, Nica!)

@Slendermɑn: okay officially to many danicas

3 days later. (I think), and we realised we need that special someone <3

~skylight: need vrai.
♥Colοurs♥~: Vrai is dead.
±Twi♥Pachy±: need pachy.
♥Colοurs♥~: need hayley.
~skylight: vrai will make me feel okay
♥Colοurs♥~: we all need someone
±Vinci♥Elly±: need elly

I'm colours btw

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