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In the release of the sequels to the first games of the 5th Generation, Black and White 2 brought a bunch of new things to the table. Adding touches to the story to make it fresh, while having that same feel B/W1 gave us...the first sequel in Pokemon gaming history.

We got a bunch of delightful characters, we got Nate and Rosa, Benga, and the one we'll be focusing on...Colress.

This odd man with blonde and blue hair in a lab coat works for Team Plasma. He's different though, as he has no motives to work with Team Plasma to aid their goals...he only aims to improve on his scientific research. He constantly battles you so he can observe your Pokemon, and find out where their true potential comes from. Now, what did you think of this new and mysterious character? Did you like him? Did you hate on him?

Discuss :3

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