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Originally Posted by Tjakka5
And I'll do Leaf Green on District 3, but, as there are no Steel types, I'll switch that to stone.
Umm, Magnemite? And besides, you have your electric types.

Originally Posted by GoldenRayquaza View Post
I'm in.

Username: GoldenRayquaza
Game: HeartGold, Platinum, Black, White 2.
District: Capitol (oh yeah, this will make some good legendaries)
Ultimate: Yes
Originally Posted by Klawsome View Post
Hopefully I won't lose on Whitney...

Username: Klawsome
Game(s): SS
Ultimate: YES!
District: 12 FTW
Good luck to both of you! And Klawsome, you need to specify which games from each generation you are playing on for your Ultimate. But until then, keep playing SoulSilver; it's fun.

And to all of you, may the odds be ever in your favor!
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