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Holly Amarosa

Holly watched Sylvia leave and sighed. I guess she doesn't care... she thought. She petted Molly and whimpered softly. "What do I do now?" she whispered. The nurse looked at her and frowned. "If this is too hard, then you can leave," she said softly, still working on Kayla's leg. "She may need to go to the Pokemon center..." Holly stood up and grabbed Molly. She looked at Kayla sadly before leaving her room. Daisy trotted after her and watched the ground. "Holly, what's wrong?" she asked. Molly looked at her and shook her head.

Holly walked out of the building and looked around. She watched Sylvia nervously, not sure if she wanted to walk up to her. Should I? She looks busy... Holly looked down at the ground and held back her tears, while Daisy tilted her head. Molly sighed. "How long can you go without your medicine...?" she whispered mostly to herself.

Thanks for everything today. Tomorrow I'll go to heaven. Please be my friends until the very end.
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