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I have practically been playing Pokémon Red all day (and through the night, until this early hour of the morning). Thank to the emulator's speed-up button, I am nearly finished. xD

Picking up from where we left off, I went into Diglett's Cave and caught a level 19 Diglett. I called him Sonic.
I went through the SS Anne, easily defeating my rival, and trained a little bit until I felt ready to face the next Gym Leader.
I fought Lt. Surge with a level 24 Sonic, level 26 Ratty, and level 29 Burnsy. It was a breeze, and I swiftly obtained the ThunderBadge.
I proceeded back to Cerulean, and prepared for a long trek through Rock Tunnel. Blind. I had not caught 10 Pokémon, and I wasn't about too go catching random ones just so I could get HM05.
I made it through Rock Tunnel after what seemed like forever, just remembering to catch a level 17 Machop, whom I called Monk, just before I found the exit.
I bought the Potions from Lavender Town, defeated my Rival within the Pokémon Tower, and headed East, towards Celadon.
After I made it through the underground passage, I caught a level 21 Growlithe in Route 7, which I called Flame.
I now had my party of 5.
In Celadon, I promptly bought the Potions from the Dept. Store, and then bought 2350 coins from the Game Corner. (It was as much as I could afford)
After training my weaker Pokémon, I decided to face Erika with a party of a level 36 Burnsy, a level 31 Ratty, a level 30 Sonic, a level 28 Monk, and a level 24 Flame.
Erika held no challenge for my Pokémon, and I received the RainbowBadge for my triumph.
I went back to the Game Corner and proceeded to foil Team Rocket, making them scurry from Celadon.
Afterwards, I bought more coins until I had 2800. I then spent them on a Dratini from the Prize Corner, and called her Spira. (I then went to the PokéCenter and boxed her)
I backtracked to Lavender Town, climbed Pokémon Tower, put Marowak's soul at ease, and obtained the PokéFlute.
I proceeded onto Saffron City, easily defeating the Fighting Dojo (but not taking a Pokémon) and went into Silph. Co.
After half an hour or so of those damn teleports, I managed to make it to the top of Silph. Co, defeated my rival, defeated Giovanni, and once again foiled Team Rocket's plans.
I continued on with my training, and eventually faced Sabrina with a team of a level 45 Burnsy, a level 39 Ratty, a level 39 Sonic, a level 39 Monk (Now a Machoke), and a level 36 Flame.
Sabrina fell, and I obtained the MarshBadge.
I went to the PokéCenter, and swapped out my now level 37 Flame, for me level 18 Spira, as per my rules.
After cycling down to Fuschia, I found the Warden's fake teeth, and obtained both HM03, and HM04.
I then found out that Spira could learn Surf, and was slightly disappointed that she would have to stay on the team for a while.
I massively trained up my Dratini, as well as training my other Pokémon, so it wouldn't be as weak.
I faced Koga with a team consisting of a level 47 Burnsy, a level 42 Ratty, a level 41 Sonic, a level 39 Monk, and a level 31 Spira.
After defeating Koga, I boxed my level 39 Monk, and retrieved my level 37 Flame.
Due to not having a Flying Pokémon, I cycled back to Wermillion City, went through Diglett's Cave, and backtracked all the way to Pallet Town, where I surfed down to Cinnibar Island.
Once I reached Cinnibar Island, I bought the Potions, and ventured into the Pokémon Mansion.
Almost immediately, I ran into a level 34 Ponyta, which I caught and nicknamed Apples.
I went to place Apples in the PC before venturing any further.
I trained in the Mansion, got the Key for the Gym, and went to face the Gym Trainers as more training for my weaker Pokémon.
I faced Blaine, my team containing a level 48 Burnsy, a level 44 Ratty, a level 43 Sonic, a level 39 Flame, and a level 36 Spira.
After defeating Blaine, I boxed my level 39 Flame, and retrieved my new level 34 Apples.
I then surfed back to Pallet Town, and am currently on my way to Viridian City, to face the final Gym Leader.

Charmeleon lvl 48, Burnsy

Rattata lvl 44, Ratty
Super Fang
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

Diglett lvl 43, Sonic

Dratini lvl 37, Spira
Thunder Wave

Ponyta lvl 34, Apples
Tail Whip

Machoke lvl 40, Monk
Growlithe lvl 39, Flame
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