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Day 26 - A video game that had the best voice acting

A tough one. I can name a lot of games that bad voice acting, but for good, nothing immediately comes to mind. Tales of Graces f had some decent voice acting for an RPG if I had to pick something.

Day 27 - Your favorite Boss Battle(s)

I loved Earthbound's final battle. Seeing how much Gigyas changed from Mother, where he's some alien, to Mother 2 (Earthbound) where he's now some formless embodiment of evil, was pretty sweet. Then you have Paula's constant pleas toward humanity and the famous line: "You cannot grasp the true form of Giygas' attack!" makes for an epic final battle and ending.

Day 28 - The hardest boss fight(s) you've ever been in

I never could beat Ozma from FFIX. Granted, this was years ago, and I was pretty new to JRPG games, but still, despite being around lv. 70, I remember my party getting annihilated in one turn when it's used Doomsday, lol.

Day 29 - Which video game character(s) would you be?

Hm, probably any character that had some time-traveling adventure. So anyone like Chrono (Chrono Trigger) or Cless (ToP) would be fine for me.
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